single unit section perspective within topography
Række Boliger // Row Housing
Studio project, Copenhagen, DK
Studio design challenge, to create a living development for small families and/orindividuals with shared
This design rejects the row and finds inspiration from the intermezzo of space, while creating a topographic experience, in a city where topography is absent. 
site plan
serial vision of development
Floor plans with sections of single unit
main section with intermezzo 
 Studio Design Project // Copenhagen, DK
Tucked into a courtyard, a once shooting yard, now is backed by a school; the program of the park allows one to skate, grind, or sit, as well as ice skate in the winter months. Walls dissect the shifting ground, manipulated to form the surfaces permitting the intended experiences. The walls provide benches, light or shade, as well as a proposed “machine wall” which could dispense drinks and skates. 
schematic sketch
schematic plan
final plan
sections and plan of walls
view of ice surface and wall
machine wall section
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